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Flute and piano lessons are offered to any who wish to improve their skills or start from scratch. If you fit into one of these categories please browse through the contents on this page. For more information such as scheduling and rates, or if you have any other questions, feel free to contact me at






The studio is full of aspiring, committed students who wish to learn more about their instrument and the world of music. By taking private lessons you will:


  • Develop a beautiful tone and excellent technique

  • Learn how to play musically with proper phrasing and style according to different time periods

  • Play a wide variety of solo and chamber repertoire 

  • Learn basic theory and music history 

  • Set practice, performance, and personal goals while developing self confidence, inherent motivation, and a great work ethic

  • The ability to combine all of these aspects to help the student be the best musician they can be, while also improving every                         other area of their lives

  • Form lasting friendships with other musicians by playing in ensembles and attending festivals



Students are expected to provide their own instrument, books, music, pencils, and music stand.

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